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We help our clients by providing cost effective solutions to their air quality challenges. Our team is nimble, knowledgeable, and well networked. Here they are in action:

indoor air quality testing companies EPA reference method

Operating EPA Reference Method Instrumentation

indoor air quality testing companies industrial laundry

Designing a temporary total enclosure for an Industrial Laundry

indoor air quality testing companies coal fired power plant

Consulting at a coal­ fired power plant

indoor air quality testing companies O2 allotrope slip stream

Investigating VOC-reduction efficiency of infusing an O2 allotrope into a process’ slip-stream

Here’s what our customers are saying:

“Nice to know you are doing the RATA (relative accuracy test audit) again for us! Your work in the past has been fantastic to say the least. Kudos, for a job well done”

– Environmental Manager – Shell Petroleum Corp, South East Asia

“It was a pleasure working with you the last couple days. I was honestly looking forward to this assessment like I look forward to root canals, but you actually made it a very smooth and enjoyable experience.”

– Air Quality Industrial Customer, VP, Minneapolis, USA

Our staff carry the following professional accreditations:

Unlike all indoor air quality testing companies, working with BCX Energy means working with true professionals.
Get the quality you need with our team.

  • Engineering and MBA degrees
  • Professional Engineering Registration (P.E.)
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification
  • Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation.
  • Qualified Source Test Individuals (QSTI)
  • USEPA Method 9 Opacity Observer

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indoor air quality testing companies


indoor air quality testing companies

Shell Oil

indoor air quality testing companies


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