Solar for Your Home

Save With Solar

Install solar panels to put an end to rising utility rates and generate your own electricity! BCX Energy is a leader in providing Rhode Island solar power for homes – helping families lower their energy costs.

See what BCX Energy Solar customers are saying…

“The numbers are impressive. The utility usage for April/May bill was 0.”

– Jon, New Bedford, MA

“The reversal on the National Grid meter is amazing.”

– Barbara, Charlestown, RI

“My electric bills have been zero for a while now.”

– Norm, Westport, MA

How Does it Work?

(It’s as Easy as Watching the Sun Come Up!)

rhode island solar power
  • Solar panels mounted to your roof convert sunlight into DC Electricity
  • Inverter converts DC to AC Electricity
  • AC Electricity is sent to your electric panel to power your home
  • If your solar system produce more AC Electricity than your home needs it flows back to the power company and credits your utility account

Recent Projects

Is Solar Right for You?

Solar is ideal for you if…

  • You own your own home
  • Your roof faces towards the sun and has minimal shade throughout the year
  • Your roof is relatively new and in good condition
  • You want to reduce your monthly utility bill

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